It appears that it is the public opinion that the property market will start to slow down this time of year whilst everyone is preparing for the festivities. So why bother listing your home until the new year?

At Threshold we beg to differ and I will tell you why.

In previous years, before the internet revolutionized the property market this may have been the case. However, with the increased ease of viewing a property from a mobile phone or laptop practically anywhere, the UK property portals report that there is a noticeable spike of hits on property details online during this period. Usually an increase in excess of 25% on boxing day alone!

By not having your home listed during this time, it could result in missing a huge influx of potential buyers who are making the big move a priority immediately in the new year. Not to mention the added competition from other new properties flooding the market in January who will take the limelight away from your home. Your house is the best in the street and we don’t want anyone taking the shine away from that do we?

In addition, the average sale can take anywhere in the region of 6-8 weeks to go from an offer being accepted to completion. This is why pre-Christmas can be the perfect time to instruct us to start marketing your property.

There is also a huge opportunity this time of year for potential buyers to pick up on some ‘hidden gems’ and great investment opportunities.

Don’t believe us? Contact us today and let us prove you wrong!


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