Let Only Fees

LET ONLY SERVICE: One off Fee of two weeks rent or £300.00 (No Vat) whichever is the greater.

Once you have given us written permission we will:

  • Place your property on the rental market by undertaking our marketing campaign.
  • Accompany all prospective Tenants to view your property.
  •  Carry out the reference checks as we have discussed.
  •  Draw up your initial fixed term tenancy agreement.
  • Collect the first month’s rent and sign the tenancy agreement with your new Tenant(s).
  •  Collect a ‘BOND’ which will be equivalent to one month’s rent plus £100.00.This will usually be in the form of a post-dated cheque made payable to yourself.
  • Issue your tenants with a standing order mandate containing your bank details for them to set up in readiness for the second months’ rent.
  •  Issue your tenants with a welcome pack which will obtain all of your contact details so they may contact you in the event of any breakdown/repairs or tenancy matters throughout their
  •  Threshold will then give you the Tenant’s deposit’s along with the first month’s rent minus our agreed fee.

If you decide to opt for our Let Only Service and you then self-manage your tenancy then please note that the following responsibilities are yours as a landlord:

  •  To register and obtain the required landlord licence under the new Rent Smart Wales Regulations.
  •  To register the tenancy along with the tenants deposit within Thirty days of the tenancy commencing with your chosen deposit protection scheme.
  •  Provide the tenants with a full inventory of the condition of the house and any contents that are being left.
  • Transfer the Council Tax, Water, Gas & Electricity in to the Tenant(s) name within Twenty One days of the tenancy commencing for the purpose of DCWW.
  • Provide us with a copy of your Landlord gas safety certificate at least twenty four hours prior to your tenancy commencing. Please note that we will not allow a tenancy to commence without a valid certificate in our possession. If you wish for us to obtain the certificate on your behalf then please inform us upon your formal instruction.
  •  Carry out Routine Inspections (We advise that these are carried out every three months throughout the duration of the tenancy and are documented on the condition of the property throughout the tenancy in the event that is needed as evidence to support any dispute that may occur at the end of the tenancy.
  •  Deal with all tenancy matters, repairs and breakdowns throughout the tenancy.
  • The above Landlord responsibilities on a self-managed tenancy are so very important and can be vital at the end of a tenancy. The inventory needs to be in depth with details on the condition of the property to make sure that the Tenant(s) deposit is secure to both yourself and the Tenant(s).
  • Threshold can prepare a full inventory for you prior to your tenancy commencing, we will require at least three days’ notice before the commencement of any tenancy to carry out this service for you. We will issue the inventory to your Tenant(s) upon them signing the tenancy agreement and obtain their signature as required for proof of them receiving the document. We will then forward the signed copy to you along with your new tenancy pack and also send you an electronic copy so that you may keep and amend for future tenancies.