Tenant Information & Fees

The fees for prospective tenants are listed at the bottom of this page.

References, Identity & Reference Checks

Before setting up a tenancy, we will take up references on you.

We use Leaseguard Referencing Service.

  • It is essential that all the information requested is supplied and the form fully completed and legible – missing information will delay your application and may endanger your choice of property.
  • When completing the reference application form, you will need to have the following information/supporting documents with you:-
  • The full address of your current property, including the postcode.
  • Your cheque book and bank details including account No. and sort code. If less than 3 years at your current address, a list of all addresses for the last 3 years with the post codes and dates of occupation.
  • The full company name, address and post code of your employer (if applicable)
  • A contact name and telephone and fax number for your employer.
  • A contact name / contact name, address telephone and fax number of your current letting agent or landlord (if applicable)
  • All telephone and fax numbers given must include the full STD code
You must provide proof of identity and proof of residency at your current address by providing at least one of the following:
  • A Driving Licence with your current address.
  • A recent utility company bill no more than 3 months old.
  • A recent mobile telephone bill.
  • A council tax bill in your name at your current address.
Note: Bank statements, DSS/ pensions pass books/Benefit vouchers are not acceptable as proof of residency. Please ensure that ALL referees you have provided have been advised that they will be contacted by a referencing agency.

Rental Payments & Bonds

  • All arrangements and representations made are subject to contract, subject to availability and to a formal written tenancy agreement being signed by both landlord and tenant.
  • The first months rent and bond (bond is equivalent to a months rent plus £100) is payable at the commencement of tenancy in cash, bankers draft or building society cheque.
  • All further rental payments to be made by standing order, unless otherwise agreed by the landlord or landlord’s agents.
  • Standing order forms are to be set up three days prior to the due date (i.e. the start of the tenancy) so that payment is cleared in Threshold’s bank account on the due date.

Bonds, and what they are used for

Please note that Threshold hold bonds/rent deposits as Agents for the landlord as security for:
  • Any shortfall of rent due to the landlord.
  • Any moneys payable by you, as tenant, under the tenancy agreement, which remain unpaid.
  • Any damage to the property for which you, as tenant, may be responsible including landlords labour, costs, subject to an allowance being made for fair wear and tear.
  • Any shortfall of items off the inventory.
  • Any unpaid accounts for utilities e.g. electricity.
  • Any breach by you as tenant of your obligations under the tenancy agreement.
  • Any sum repayable by the landlord to the local authority.
  • Any costs incurred by the landlord in enforcing the terms of this agreement.

Repayment of Bonds

Repayment of bond/rent deposit is subject to the landlords’ instructions following a final inspection after the property has been vacated at the end of a tenancy. As Agents we cannot release the bond without the landlords instructions.

Administration Fee

The administration fee is payable in advance to cover the cost of taking up references and preparing the tenancy documentation. We are therefore, unable to return this fee if you withdraw from the letting or if your references prove satisfactory.


No pets unless specifically requested and confirmed by the landlord.


Unfurnished properties usually include carpets and curtains.

Rental Period

Rental period is a minimum of six months.


All utilities i.e. gas, electricity, telephone, council tax and water rates are payable by the tenant.

More Questions?

If you have specific questions then please contact us.

Tenant Fees

Service Fee
Residential Property up to £499 Admin Fee £200
Residential Property
£500 – £699
Admin Fee £230
Residential  Property
£700 – £999
Admin Fee £250
Residential Property
over £1000
Admin Fee £300
Guarantor Referencing £50 per guarantor
Student Administration Fee £75 per student
Shared accommodation Fee £125 per applicant
Late Payment Fee £15
Renewal Fees £75 6 months / £50 12 months £100 Periodic
Early Release Fee The Tenant will remain responsible for the rent until the property is re-let or the tenancy expires, whichever is the sooner. If the property is re let – a fee of 1 ½ weeks rent or £230 will be payable.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us